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Parallel Lines

Who We Are

We are ambitious creators who are humble to bring access token ideas to life

we had the unfortunate incident of trusting other projects' launchpad and launching our last two projects in the SmartDefi launchpad of Fegex.com which end up being exploited on 16th and 17th May. 

Since then we are waiting for a liquidity recovery promise from our launchpad service provider and upon that we are doing a relaunch in the most secure platform out of fegex ecosystem.

More information on that as soon as we complete our new contract and reconstruct our website and roadmap for our future plan. 

Please bear in mind all the investors of our last two projects will be considered for compensation following the execution of recovery plans from Feg team. 

Please follow us at our existing communities t.me/PAPAFEGSD or https://t.me/SixtyNineSD

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